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News 2011

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This is where we'll announce what's happening in Belmont County GIS.  The most recent information is listed first.  See news from prior years for a historic review of the status of GIS in Belmont County.

December 2011

Digital orthophotography has been compressed to MrSID format for the 2,740 tiles of half-foot imagery.

I participated in a CCAO/CEAO Winter Conference presentation on "Current Surveying and Mapping Issues" for County Engineers.  I also attended another mandatory pre-app meeting for LBRS funding.

November 2011

Orthophotography in geotiff format has been received from this year's aerial mission and is being reviewed at this time.

A Joint Societies meeting held by the Engineers Foundation of Ohio (EFO) took place November 21.  I was privileged to have been able to represent PLSO.  There was considerable discussion of the need to protect the public by assuring that a PS remain over the tax mapping process in Ohio.  Attending were leaders from PLSO, OSPE, CEAO,  ACEC, and Board of Registration.

GIS Day was celebrated for the eleventh straight year in Belmont County November 16!  Belmont County Commissioners Matt Coffland, Chuck Probst, Jr. and Ginny Favede, below, presented a GIS Day Proclamation.

The URISA GIS-Pro 2011 49th Annual Conference was held in Indianapolis November 1-4.  I was fortunate to have been able to attend this year since it was so close, and was one of 17 who pre-registered from Ohio.  Sessions I took included:

bulletCartography and Map Design Workshop
bulletChapter Roll Call - Work Challenges
bulletOne Map, One Space, One Government
bulletNew Practices and Tools for High Accuracy/High Precision GIS Parcel Mapping
bulletDeveloping an ArcGIS Extension for Stormwater Utility Information Management
bulletGISCI & ESRI Certification
bulletGIS and Surveying: Two Things or One?
bulletImplementing the New Address Standard
bulletGIS and Emergency Services
bulletRisk Assessment and Response: A Unified Government
bulletCommunicating Benefits of GIS to Elected Officials

It was an exciting and uplifting experience being with GIS professionals from around the country and world, and I am sure this will benefit Belmont County!

October 2011

The PLSO Fall Seminar was October 13-14 in Canton.  Jeff Smith of OGRIP gave an informative update on OGRIP initiatives, and mentioned the increasing demand and use for LiDAR data.  Jim Kenyon of ODOT covered the ODOT CORS and VRS, plus datums, geoids and other need-to-know items for GPS surveying.  He mentioned a Peck Tower made by Ralph Peckenpaugh and used for geodetic control in the 1960's and 1970's.

Kucera has provided a tile layout scheme for countywide 1/2' imagery.  A pilot area delivery is expected soon.

September 2011

The Ohio GIS Conference was held September 29-30 in Columbus.

August 2011

Efforts are underway to implement Belmont County's LBRS project.  A draft proposal is being reviewed.  We are awaiting MOA approval by the Controlling Board before proceeding farther.

Voting precinct boundaries will be the same for the 2011 General Election as they were in the 2010 General.  A shapefile can be downloaded on the Products page.  There are some changes in polling locations, however.

The Ohio GIS Conference was September 29 and 30 in Columbus.  The PLSO Fall Seminar was October 13-14 in Canton.  And URISA International was in Indianapolis, IN this year, November 1-4.

July 2011

The ACSM Survey Summit took place July 7-12 in conjunction with the ESRI User Conference July 11-15 in San Diego.  A decision was made that NSPS would assume all assets and liabilities of ACSM, which would be disbanded.

The Ohio Statewide Floodplain Management Conference was July 27-28.  Belmont County did a presentation on surveying basics for floodplain managers.

June 2011

Tentative presentations for the Ohio GIS Conference set for September 29-30 have been selected from abstracts that were due in April.  A recap of the ACSM Survey Summit is one that was selected, to be presented by Belmont County and PLSO.  A Conference Agenda is now online at .

May 2011

At the annual CEAO Land Records Conference May 18, a panel of representatives from Cuyahoga, Summit and Meigs County explained parcel records and mapping in each of their counties.  Records retention was also reviewed by the Ohio Historical Society.

A meeting was held at the Ohio Department of Public Safety May 31 on LBRS for Belmont and Vinton Counties.  The program is set up by federal fiscal year (Oct 1 - Sep 30), and we will probably contract for services this summer and begin data collection late fall.

April 2011

The Ohio Chapter of URISA offered a workshop April 5 on "Building Quality Spatial Data" at ODOT Central Office.  The presentation was very beneficial and included tips for QA/QC and evaluating attribute data, and emphasized the importance of appropriate metadata.

Aerial photography was captured April 14 and 15 by Kucera International, Inc. for the 2011 Aerial Mission project.

Maps were distributed to townships at the County Engineer's Annual Township meeting April 14.  A helpful presentation was made by ODNR employees Jim McDonald and Tim Jackson on abandoned underground mine mapping.

A planning meeting is to be held April 25 at CEAO for the annual Land Records Conference May 18.  This year PLSO's Executive Director will be attending the event for the first time.

The Stormwater Committee was disbanded this month.

March 2011

An online application was submitted in the early process of participation in LBRS.

Ground targets have been set for the 2011 Aerial Mission.  The countywide flight should occur by mid-April.

February 2011

A  contract with Kucera International for the 2011 Aerial Mission was approved February 16.  Countywide half-foot pixel orthophotography is planned, along with building and road updates.

Need to get rid of old furniture, appliances, car tires or batteries?  JB Green Team (formerly the Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority) and several townships have scheduled nine spring community clean-up events for March through May.  For a map of event locations and dates, click here.  Hours for each Saturday's collection are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The Annual Conference of the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio was February 9-11 in Cleveland.

OGRIP is conducting five outreach meetings across the State this month to review the results from a recent Geospatial User Survey.

Ohio URISA is having a more prominent role in organizing this year's GIS Conference set for September 29-30 at the Hyatt Downtown, Columbus.

January 2011

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the State's Location Based Response System (LBRS) has been signed by county officials and mailed to OGRIP.  Belmont County's MOA for LBRS is pending Controlling Board approval.

Review of Statement of Qualifications for a Spring 2011 Aerial Mission is complete.  It is anticipated that a contract will be forthcoming soon.


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