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This is where we'll announce what's happening in Belmont County GIS.  The most recent information is listed first.  See news from prior years for a historic review of the status of GIS in Belmont County.

December 2012

Updates for Township Road house number ranges have been completed. 

The CCAO/CEAO Winter Conference was December 9-11, Columbus.

November 2012

House numbering ranges for both State Roads and County Roads have been recalculated based the most recent aerial mission.  Updates for Township Roads are now underway, with Somerset, Warren, Kirkwood, Flushing, Wayne, Goshen, Union and Washington finished at this point.

PLSO provided a workshop November 19 at Pritchard-Laughlin in Cambridge on Oil and Gas topics.  Another workshop featuring forestry issues is set for December 7 in Chillicothe.

October 2012

The Fall Seminar of the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio was held October 11-12 in Perrysburg, Ohio.  Topics included OSHA Compliance, Coastal Surveying, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Robotic Surveying, State Board Updates and Ethics and Investigations, Legislative Issues, NSPS, Surveys of the NW Territory, FEMA Certificates, OH-MI State Line, Ground Penetrating Radar, ODOT R/W Certification, ODOT CORS/VRS, LiDAR and NGS.  A PLSO Workshop is being planned for November in Cambridge on Oil and Gas Issues, and in December in Chillicothe on Forest Service and related issues.

House numbering ranges are being recalculated for State Roads.

September 2012

Road centerlines have been reviewed against the most recent aerial photography and are now being checked for intersection integrity.

A project to map Fire Districts 1-6 by parcel taxing district is underway.

The Ohio GIS Conference was September 19-21 in Columbus.  Workshop speaker Tripp Corbin of eGIS Associates, Inc. and Frank Snyder, Jr. of the Ohio Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors spoke on "GIS and Surveying: Where does one start and the other stop?" to a packed room of GIS, tax map and other people from across the State.

August 2012

Road centerline updating is continuing with 93% of sections reviewed.

Updated tax map scans of the Mylar section maps have been provided for 13 of the 16 townships and are now online.  Township Lot maps for the same are also uploaded.

July 2012

Road centerline updating is continuing.  Range 2 (along the riverfront) is underway, with geometry complete for the remainder of the county, Ranges 3-6.

June 2012

The GIS Office was honored June 29 by a visit from the Director of the Ohio Department of Development.

Road centerline updates are being made based on our recent 2011 aerial mission.  No word has been received regarding LBRS funding approval at the State level, so we are relying on centerline mapping updates from that mission.

Historic voting precinct mapping back to 1978 has been completed.  Results are under the Voting Precincts header near the bottom of the Products page.

The Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors has issued an opinion on tax mapping as a survey function under Ohio law.  Tax mapping must be performed by or under the direct supervision of an Ohio Professional Surveyor.

The CEAO Land Records Conference was June 19.  Topics included deed review, conveyance standards, minimum standards for surveys, vertical conveyances and availability of land records.

I was nominated for Vice President of the Ohio Chapter of URISA for July 2012-June 2013, but declined due to no staff in the GIS Office.  An appeal to elected officials for help was answered in the negative.

May 2012

Over 100 attended the joint PLSO/URISA Workshop May 9 at ODOT, Columbus, with about half from each professional group.  Noted GIS expert Nancy von Meyer presented "Standardized Data Sets for Land Records."  Nancy's positive and enthusiastic approach served to make this both an uplifting and educational event.  Nancy took advantage of having both GIS and surveying professionals together to discuss original Ohio Land Subdivisions and monumentation, parcel mapping status in Ohio, laws unique to Ohio such as public records and the tax map function, financial challenges and barriers to digital progress.  She emphasized that we are people who can address the challenges and come up with workable solutions.  We were given the assignment of working on a parcel standard for Ohio.  Nancy was presented the book "Weird Ohio" as a token of appreciation for her visit.  We look forward to a return visit at the Ohio GIS Conference September 19-21.  The joint workshop was the first of its kind for Ohio and was an outstanding success.

Dr. Nancy von Meyer, center, was the featured speaker at a joint PLSO and Ohio URISA Workshop May 9, 2012 at ODOT Central Office, Columbus.  Nancy was presented the book "Weird Ohio" by PLSO Immediate Past President Don Pickenpaugh, left, and Ohio URISA Chair Darlene Scott, right.

CEAO's Land Records Conference is coming up June 19.

April 2012

Mosaics of imagery for the surrounding counties of Noble, Guernsey, Harrison and Jefferson have been created for use at 911.  Monroe had been completed earlier.

Locations for drop-off bins have replaced the recycling barn layer on the Aerial Mapping page.

March 2012

The ACSM Radio Hour with Curt Sumner featured Ohio PS James Williams March 19.  Mr. Williams talked about the original Ohio land subdivisions, and his new book - Blazes, Posts and Stones - a History of Ohio's Original Land Subdivisions - which is at the publisher after five years of work and development.  The broadcast is archived at Americas Web Radio for the Monday 11:00am-12:00pm time slot.  Mr. Sumner noted he had just returned from the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon Annual Conference where the topic of GIS and parcel mapping came up.  Mr. Williams has thoroughly immersed himself into the times of early America and is a fascinating speaker and author.

Another excellent read is GIS and Land Records - The ArcGIS Parcel Data Model.  Author Nancy von Meyer will also cover the original Ohio land subdivisions at a joint PLSO/URISA Workshop May 9 in Columbus.  It is sure to be an exceptional event you won't want to miss! Online registration is available at PLSO and Ohio Chapter of URISA websites.

February 2012

The 2012 PLSO Annual Conference was Feb. 8-11 at NorthPointe, Columbus.  Jack A. Hamilton was honored as Surveyor of the Past, nominated by the Ohio Valley Chapter.  A plaque was presented in honor of Jack.

We are still awaiting a signed MOA from the State before proceeding with LBRS.

Updated building and centerline mapping has been received from the recent aerial mission.  Building polygons have been incorporated into address mapping.  The next step is to update centerline geometry.

The GIS Informational Meetings for this and future months are suspended for the time being due to workload and minimal interest.

PLSO and Ohio URISA are hosting a first-ever joint workshop May 9 at the ODOT Auditorium, Columbus.  Featured speaker will be Dr. Nancy von Meyer on "Standardized Data Sets for Land Records."  Dr. von Meyer is author of  GIS and Land Records - The ArcGIS Parcel Data Model.  She is a PE, PS and GISP and has recently worked on the Ohio Original Land Subdivision database for BLM.  She is also involved in the efforts of the newly formed Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership.  This is sure to be an information-packed event for land records people, deed transfer and tax map staff, auditors, engineers, surveyors and GIS professionals!  For more details, check the PLSO or Ohio URISA web sites.

January 2012

Digital Orthophotography has been compressed into 16 1/4-1/4 mosaics for the county.


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