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This is where we'll announce what's happening in Belmont County GIS.  The most recent information is listed first.  See news from prior years for a historic review of the status of GIS in Belmont County.

December 2013

Scans of highway right-of-way maps have been added to the Tax Maps page.  Links have also been added to scans of Railroad Valuation Maps and Township Lots and Corporations of the 1914-1960s vintage tax maps.

The Winter Conference of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio and County Engineers Association of Ohio was held December 8-10 in Columbus.  David Beitter of ODOT gave an informative review of the State's CORS stations and Virtual Referencing System.  The largest user is agriculture at over 60%, with government and surveying following.  The State is going to charge $300 per year beginning in July, 2014, for access to the system, a move which has been talked about for years.  Precision agriculture involves automatically operating the farm tractor during planting operations so spacing of planted rows is consistent - markers on planters don't exist anymore.  Rows are shut off automatically as a triangle area is approached.  Machine control on earth-moving equipment is another application for construction.

We are receiving a number of compliments regarding the online survey scans.  One surveyor called it the best method in the state for accessing surveys, and others say it is saving them a lot of time.  It is also proving handy in continuing parcel conversion projects.

The Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio Annual Conference is coming up February 12-15, 2014 in Sandusky.

November 2013

Survey plats are now online for all of the county!  These can be accessed through the Scanned Maps category on the Aerial Mapping page.  Double-click a point to view a scanned pdf in a separate window.  A shapefile of these points can be downloaded from the Products page, Survey Plats.  Plans are to keep adding scans and points as new surveys are submitted for transfer.  Thanks to Dustin Reed for his work in building this shapefile and seeing the value of GIS in the workplace.

October 2013

The PLSO Fall Seminar was at Cherry Valley Lodge, Newark, October 10-11.

Survey plats for all municipalities and all townships (excepting Richland Township T-7 R-4, in process) are now accessible on the Aerial Mapping site.

September 2013

Nearly 8,000 survey plats for all municipalities plus Kirkwood, Pease, Warren, Somerset, Washington, Wayne and Wheeling Townships are now accessible on the Aerial Mapping site.

Tax map scans for 2013 are now online.

Ohio GIS was September 11-13.

August 2013

Tax map scans from 2003 are now available online at  A recent request for "historic tax maps from 2003" (that was ten years ago already!) prompted this addition.

Work continues in building the survey plat point shapefile.  About 3,700 of over 16,000 scans are now available online, with the file growing as updates are provided. 

The Ohio Statewide Floodplain Management Conference was August 28-29.  The Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 will have an impact beginning October 1, 2013 on properties that were sold since July 6, 2012, and on flood insurance policies that are new or have lapsed.  An Elevation Certificate will be required for properties in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) that hit these triggers.  In Ohio, only Professional Surveyors are able to determine elevations for the Elevation Certificate.  Owners will have one year from October 1, 2013 to obtain an Elevation Certificate. Some helpful tips can be found on this FEMA Fact Sheet.

July 2013

Word gained from the PLSO Executive Committee meeting July 12 is that the Board of Registration is considering fee transfer of mineral rights subject to minimum standards for surveying.

June 2013

Scans of railroad valuation maps are being added to the Belmont County Engineer's web site.

A section corner stone from 1830 was relocated to Historic Fort Steuben and unveiled June 8 at ceremonies during the Ohio Valley Frontier Days.  The stone was at the northeast corner of Section 8 T-5 R-2 and was in the path of an ODOT SR 7 hillside project.  Surveying and mapping professors Mike and Ann Besch, both PS's, of the University of Akron watch as the stone is unveiled by PLSO President George Hofmann and Historic Fort Steuben Board President Jerry Barilla.  Also attending were PLSO NSPS Governor Bob Akins, President-Elect Brian Bingham and Phil Lawrence, PS, of the Jefferson County Engineer's Office.

We have found that when using Internet Explorer 10, the Zoom button will not work in the Zoom to address feature on the Aerial Mapping site, unless the compatibility button is clicked in the menu bar.

Zoom Button Click the Compatibility Button for the Zoom to address to work in Internet Explorer 10

May 2013

Roads in Barkcamp State Park have been attributed with names and house number ranges.  Fire district mapping is complete and has been added to the Aerial Mapping page.

Accessibility to scanned tax maps and scanned survey plats (limited for now to the Barnesville area) has been added to the MapGuide, Aerial Mapping page.

A Scanned Maps category contains these two layers.  Double-click on a point for the survey plat, or on the polygon for a tax map.  Plans are to build the survey plat shapefile as time goes on.

April 2013

Private roads have been attributed in the centerline shapefile.  Fire district mapping is proceeding.

April 6 marked the official debut of Blazes, Posts and Stones - A History of Ohio's Original Land Subdivisions at the Marietta Land Office at Campus Martius.  Author James L. Williams was proud to present the results of over 27 years of work and dedicated the publication to future surveyors yet unborn and to the United States of America.  The author was introduced by President George Washington and General Rufus Putnam.  Mr. Williams conducted an all-day workshop April 5 at the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta for the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio.

A copy of Blazes, Posts and Stones was donated by the Belmont County GIS Director to the Cumberland Trail Genealogical Society at their monthly meeting April 8 at the St. Clairsville Public Library in appreciation of their work in scanning historic tax maps of Belmont County during the winter of 2008-2009.

The restored Marietta Land Office at Campus Martius Museum was the location of the official debut of Jim Williams' Blazes, Posts and Stones - A History of Ohio's Original Land Subdivisions at 9:30 am, April 6, 2013.  The author, left, had the honor of being introduced by President George Washington and General Rufus Putnam, below.

March 2013

The JB Green Team and Belmont County Township Trustees have once again scheduled Spring Community Cleanups across Belmont County.  A map of locations and dates can be found here.  This is your chance to dispose of old household junk, appliances, mattresses, carpeting, household electronics, car batteries, toys, etc.  No semi or large tires are accepted this year.  Electronics Recycling Services (ERS) will provide a truck at each collection site for electronics recycling drop-off.

Upon request, a fresh set of maps has been printed for the Board of Elections.  The new T2300 ps eMFP plotter is working well.

Plans are underway to upgrade web mapping software and hardware for improved service.

February 2013

I represented PLSO and Belmont County at the WVSPS Annual Convention Feb. 21-23 in Flatwoods, WV.

Representatives from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio gave updates at the WVSPS Convention February 22.  I covered Ohio topics such as the addition of surveyors as designers to Ohio law for underground damage prevention; tax map opinion of the Board of Registration; Jim Williams' new book; and PLSO membership, strategic plan implementation and Constitution review.  Comments received about our GIS web site were that it is surveyor-friendly.

The PLSO Annual Conference was February 13-16 in Sharonville, Ohio north of Cincinnati.

Mr. James L. Williams was honored with PLSO's Presidential Merit Award at the 38th Annual PLSO Conference in Sharonville, Ohio February 14, 2013, for his dedication to the surveying profession and historical research on Ohio's Original Land Subdivisions.  Shown are L-R Bradley J. Kramer, 2007 PLSO President, Mr. Williams, and Don Pickenpaugh, 2011 PLSO President.  The formal release of Mr. Williams' new book Blazes, Posts and Stones - A History of Ohio's Original Land Subdivisions will take place in Marietta April 5-6.

The 2011 aerial orthophotos are now downloadable by individual tile on the MapGuide/Aerial Mapping page.  This is handy for those who need a limited set of orthos for smaller projects.  Check the Download Aerial Photos checkbox to turn on the tile grid, and use the arrow-shaped select tool from the toolbar to select a tile for download.  A download link will appear at the lower right of the screen for a self-extracting exe of the .sid and .sdw files for the selected tile.



January 2013

The new road centerline file has been integrated into the MapGuide/Aerial Mapping page.  The Planimetrics page has been renamed to the Data Downloads page, and the Products, News and Census pages have been updated.

The 2011 digital orthophotography is now viewable on the Aerial Mapping/MapGuide page.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Table of Contents and make sure the April 2011 checkbox is checked.


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