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This is where we'll announce what's happening in Belmont County GIS.  The most recent information is listed first.  See news from prior years for a historic review of the status of GIS in Belmont County.

December 2014

ArcGIS 10.3 has been released.

Scanned tax maps from 2004 have been added to the Tax Maps page.

November 2014

We are hearing that the people using Mozilla as a browser are having difficulty opening pdf's from the GIS web site.  They get a blank, white screen, or nothing happens.  There is no problem with Internet Explorer (IE).  Mozilla users need to configure that browser in Applications, Actions to use Adobe Reader to open pdf's, or switch to IE.

October 2014

Moving to a new computer with solid state drives has proved beneficial with an incredibly fast boot-up time, compared to the previous five-year-old desktop!

September 2014

Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 2015 has been implemented, replacing the former MapGuide 6.5 web mapping software.

The Ohio GIS was September 22-24, and attendance hit a record high.

August 2014

Positive comments continue to be received from surveyors about the online scanned survey plats on the new Aerial Mapping web site.  Dustin Reed and I will do a presentation at the Ohio GIS next month on this topic.

July 2014

A new Aerial Mapping web viewer is being implemented. It is based on Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 2015 software.  This will eventually be replacing the existing site which uses classic Autodesk MapGuide 6.5. The ActiveX control will no longer be required to be installed on the user's computer.  The trade-off is more load is put on the server and not the client, which may take some more response time.  The new site sports a more modern look.  Let us know what you think.

A polygon shapefile has been created for scanned lot tax maps, and contains the tax map name and a hyperlink field to the online scans.  To download the shapefile, click here.

Here is a graph of the number of Recorded Plats (as found in the Cabinets and Slides) by year for the county:

June 2014

A point shapefile has been created for scanned lot tax maps, and contains a hyperlink field to the online scans.  To download the shapefile, click here.

Recent tax map scans have been uploaded to the tax maps page for all tax maps, replacing last year's scans.

CEAO's annual Land Records Conference was held June 10, and PLSO had an exhibit there.

Frontier Days were held June 7-8 at Old Fort Steuben.  Thomas Hutchins, Geographer of the United States, answered questions about surveying the Seven Ranges.  Mrs. Hutchins provided maps for water coloring by the young ones.  PLSO's current NSPS Governor was also on hand to give a taste of frontier life in the late 1700's.  Attendance was brisk.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hutchins (the Besch's of the University of Akron) provided educational material on surveying the Old Seven Ranges to visitors of the Surveyors Blockhouse during Frontier Days at Old Fort Steuben June 7-8.


A point shapefile of Recorded Plats has been created.  To download the shapefile, plus a table of all plats with dates received for record, click here.  The shapefile contains a hyperlink field to the online plat scans.  The location of Recorded Plats by Cabinet is shown in these images.

Cabinet A Cabinet B Cabinet C
Cabinet D Cabinet E Cabinet F

May 2014

The Fort Steuben Annual Membership Dinner May 7 featured guest speaker Dr. David Javersak of West Liberty University who gave a fascinating perspective on the history of Steubenville and Wheeling.  The message ended with three recommendations for our Ohio Valley area: education, marketing and image.  The Fort sponsored Ohio Valley Frontier Days June 7-8 and the surveyors blockhouse featured items from surveying in the late 1700's.

New zipped to exe tiles (.sid and .sdw) have been added to the Aerial Mapping page for download that are compatible with 64 bit computers.  The previous zipped tiles were 16 bit and could not be opened on 64 bit machines.

"Received for Record" dates have been added to the listing of plats on the Recorded Plats pages, Cabinets A-F.

April 2014

At the April 28 OGRIP forum, it was reported that the flying for southeast Ohio in OSIP II has been completed over the (April 26-27) weekend with a couple of re-flights; most was completed by the week prior.  All is "in the can" except portions of Scioto County in the Portsmouth area which is experiencing river flooding.  Those areas will be re-flown in the fall and patched in.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture presented OSCR (pronounced "Oscar") - the Ohio Sensitive Crop Repository mapping program - which was launched in March. Agriculture is Ohio's largest industry.  Ohio is third in tomato and ninth in grape production.  The goal is to map sensitive crops such as fruits, berries and pumpkins so pesticide drift and resulting damage can be minimized.  Ohio licenses over 30,000 pesticide applicators and 13,000 pesticide products.  Sixteen other states have a similar program.  Ohio has lost 50%-80% of pollinator honey bees this past winter!

ArcGIS 10.2.2 has been downloaded.

March 2014

OGRIP reports flying has begun for Southeast Ohio in the OSIP II program.  At the March 31 Forum, they reported portions of Meigs, Pike, Scioto and Athens Counties are flown.  OSIP II imagery is to be delivered to OGRIP by December 31. OSIP II imagery for years 2011-2013 is online by tile at

There is concern that local officials may not understand that some 6" pixel imagery being marketed to state and local governments is not of sufficient quality for planimetric mapping, and is not authoritative.

USGS reported their 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) seeks to obtain LiDAR for the lower 48 states, Hawaii, and radar for Alaska.



Centerline address ranges have now been added to the centerline shapefile for all municipalities in the county.  A document has been added to the Data/Downloads page explaining the structure of the centerline attribute table.

GIS Director Don Pickenpaugh, PS, GISP, was presented the PLSO Presidential Merit Award at the March 14 Executive Committee Meeting by 2013 President George Hofmann.  Click here for link to story in the County UpdatePhoto by Dave Ivan, Belmont County EMA Director.

At the March 27 PLSO Ohio Valley Chapter meeting, Tom Peak of Carlson Software gave a presentation showing how GIS is integrated into their surveying software.

February 2014

Centerline address ranges have been added to the centerline shapefile for streets in Bethesda, Bridgeport, Brookside, Flushing, Holloway, Martins Ferry, Morristown and Powhatan Point.

Legacy fields beginning with "Z" have been removed from the centerline shapefile and are replaced with field names compatible with the State's LBRS data structure:


Non-LBRS fields which the county maintains and which also are affected are ZROADNO = ROADNO and ZCOMMUNITY = COMMUNITY.

Both sets of fields were maintained for the past year while in transition.  ArcGIS users may have labeling or symbology issues with their previous projects.  The centerline file can be downloaded from the Data/Downloads page.

An emergency service zone polygon shapefile is being developed by E-911 as requested by their mapping system vendor.  ESN values will still be maintained on building polygons along with other addressing attributes.

The 39th PLSO Annual Conference was held February 12-15 at Sandusky, Ohio.

January 2014

The Executive Committee meeting of PLSO was January 10 at Columbus State Community College.  New Bylaws were adopted. The new Constitution was approved in September, 2013.  The 39th PLSO Annual Conference was held February 12-15 at Sandusky, Ohio.

NAIP 2013 imagery has been downloaded for Belmont County.  The 1 meter color aerials were flown August 26, 2013, and serve as additional reference information since the county flew in 2011, showing such things as newer construction, well pads and pipeline clearing.   The State OSIP is scheduled to capture 1 foot imagery this spring for southeast Ohio, the last part of the state to be covered in a four-year program. The last time OSIP flew our area as part of the Ohio south zone was in the spring of 2007, and it took 2-1/2 years before a deliverable was received by the county.

ArcGIS 10.2.1 was released January 7, and has been downloaded.

The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) issues the GIS Professional (GISP) certification, which has a five year certification period.  This is in recognition of those who meet minimal requirements for Educational Achievement, Professional Experience and Contributions to the Profession.  There are 179 GISPs in Ohio (Oct 2013).  On a personal note, my GISP was issued in February, 2009, and the GISCI has acknowledged receipt and acceptance of my GISP renewal application.

A link to a pdf explaining the database structure for the parcel data table has been added to the Parcel Data page.

Centerline address ranges have been added to the centerline shapefile for streets in Barnesville, Bellaire and Belmont, about 30% of municipal streets.


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