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This is where we'll announce what's happening in Belmont County GIS.  The most recent information is listed first.  See news from prior years for a historic review of the status of GIS in Belmont County.

December 2016

The State Legislature passed House Bill 236 this month, adding an ethics requirement to continuing education requirements for licensed engineers and surveyors.  The rule will take effect beginning January, 2018, and the first renewal requiring two hours of ethics per renewal cycle will be December 31, 2019.

The PLSO Annual Conference will be February 15-18, 2017 in Sandusky, Ohio.

The CCAO/CEAO Winter Conference included a December 6 session on the upcoming datum change planned for 2022.  The National Geodetic Survey Geodetic Advisor for Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia explained the completion of the GRAV-D project is necessary first.  For more information and helpful videos, see .

A presentation on the practical aspects of county GIS was made to Dustin Reed's GIS Class at Belmont College December 7.  It is energizing to see the level of interest on the students' faces!

November 2016

GIS Day was Wednesday, November 16 this year.  The Belmont County Commissioners issued a GIS Day Proclamation at their regular meeting.  The value of Belmont County's GIS was acknowledged by several county officials.

GIS Day was recognized by Belmont County officials November 16.

L-R Mark Thomas, Belmont County Commissioner; Terry Lively, Deputy Engineer; Fred Bennett, County Engineer; Dustin Reed, Drafting Tech II; Don Pickenpaugh, GIS Director; Ginny Favede and Matt Coffland, Belmont County Commissioners.

From the Commissioners Journal of 11/16/2016:

Present: Don Pickenpaugh, GIS Director; Dustin Reed, GIS Department; Fred Bennett, County Engineer; Terry Lively, Deputy Engineer; Sue Douglass, Department of Development/CIC Director.

Mr. Pickenpaugh thanked the Board for their ongoing support of GIS in Belmont County. He noted Dustin Reed has a Masterís in GIS and does a good job. Mr. Pickenpaugh said the three big things done in the GIS office are aerial photography, addressing and parcel information. He said most of Belmont Countyís aerial photography should be done by this time next year. Speed zone maps for county roads have been revised to reflect new zones. They also map gas well pads and RUMA routes, keep new plats and parcel transfer cards continue to be updated. Ms. Douglass said it is a great service they offer to Belmont County under the leadership of the Engineerís Department and the Board of Commissioners.  Mr. Lively said he has seen GIS systems across the state and it is astounding what Mr. Pickenpaugh and Mr. Reed have done. The Board of Commissioners thanked Mr. Pickenpaugh and Mr. Reed for a job well done. Mr. Bennett said the department was much needed and they do a great job.



A revised speed zone map for county roads has been prepared for the Engineer's Department and for subsequent distribution to law enforcement agencies.

October 2016

Parcel polygons for St. Clairsville are now on the web mapping page.  Other parcel-related layers are being worked on.

The PLSO Fall Seminar was October 13-14 in Canton.

Topcon and Belmont College hosted a Topcon Road Show October 27 at Belmont College from 10-2.

September 2016

A copy of the Government Field Notes book has been added to the Products page.  This book shows maps by survey township, with section numbers, acres and section line lengths in chains.

August 2016

The List Parcels by Acreage program has been narrowed to +-1% from +-5% of entered acreage to reduce the number of hits.

An updated parcel layer (June 2016) has been added to the ODNR Oil and Gas Locator mapping at .

A presentation on the status of Belmont County GIS was given Thursday, August 4 to the Board of the Belmont County Department of Development/Community Improvement Corporation at their monthly Board meeting.  DOD/CIC Director Sue Douglass stated that her office receives feedback from potential developers who use the GIS website to gain preliminary information without even having to travel to the county.  When they do visit, they are ready to move forward.  This is another example of the value of GIS to facilitate progress.  The GIS Office wishes to thank the DOD/CIC for their many years of collaboration in the betterment of Belmont County.

July 2016

New scans of tax maps are now uploaded for all Sections, Lots and Municipal tax maps.  The 2015 scans are also available, along with tax map scans from 2003-2014.  Tax maps prior to 2003 are not available between the time the previous format was used and 2003.

June 2016

New scans of tax maps have been uploaded for Sections and Lots for Goshen, Kirkwood, Smith, Somerset, Union, Warren, Washington, Wayne, Wheeling and York Townships.

The NAIP 2015 imagery has been added to Aerial Mapping as the default Aerial Photo layer.  This imagery was collected during the summer of 2015 by USDA at 1-meter resolution, and shows major pipeline construction at the time.  Other aerials available are Belmont County 2001, 1-foot pixel; Belmont County 2006 1-foot pixel; OSIP 2007 1-foot pixel; Belmont County 2011 1/2-foot pixel, and OSIP 2014 1-foot pixel.

Tax maps scans have been added for the corporations of Belmont, Flushing, Holloway, Martins Ferry, Powhatan Point and Shadyside, making all municipal tax maps for 2016 available online.

Parcel conversion for Martins Ferry is complete and has been incorporated on the Aerial Mapping page.  Work on St. Clairsville has begun.

Scans of current tax maps are being made in the Engineer's Office.  To date, scans for the municipalities of Barnesville, Bellaire, Bridgeport, Brookside, Morristown and Yorkville have been uploaded to this site.

Fort Steuben Ohio Valley Frontier Days was the weekend of June 4-5 at Historic Fort Steuben, Steubenville.  PLSO representatives staffed the Surveyors Blockhouse.  The fort was built in association with surveying of the Seven Ranges in the late 1700's.  A large map (1.5 Mb) of the Old Seven Ranges can be found here.


May 2016

Parcel conversion for Martins Ferry is nearing completion.  Work done to date has been added to the parcels layer on the Aerial Mapping page of this website.

Existing National Road Mile Markers in Belmont County have been GPS'd.  A presentation is in the works for the June 28 noon meeting of the St. Clairsville Rotary Club.

The May meeting of the Cumberland Trail Genealogical Society was May 9 at the St. Clairsville Public Library.  The GIS Office covered information on the GIS website, with emphasis on the scanned parcel cards, a project completed in January 2016.

The Annual Banquet for Fort Steuben was May 4 at Froehlich's Classic Corner in Steubenville.  A slide show was given, celebrating the 30 years since the fort was begun. Ohio Valley Frontier days at the fort will be June 4-5 with PLSO participation.

April 2016

The Ohio Valley Chapter of the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio hosted a workshop Friday, April 29, 2016 at the Quality Inn in Marietta, Ohio on Ohio's Original Land Subdivisions.  Mr. James L. Williams, noted author and historian, was the featured speaker for the 68 attendees.  Copies of his new, hardbound book Blazes, Posts and Stones were available for purchase.

March 2016

A presentation was made to the fourth graders at Bellaire Elementary March 8 during "Right to Read Week."  A history of the Old Seven Ranges was covered, plus various layers maintained by the GIS Office.  Of special interest was aerial photography and oil and gas activity.

The two representatives for Belmont County to the Ohio National Road Association presented at the March 14 meeting of the Cumberland Trail Genealogical Society.  The book Marking the Miles along the National Road through Ohio by Cyndie Gerkin of the Muskingum Valley Archaeological Society was passed around.  A copy will be obtained by the Society for the library.  The GIS Office is scheduled to present at the Society's May meeting on how to access the online scanned parcel transfer cards.

February 2016

The 2016 Annual Conference of the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio was February 10-13 at the Marriott at the University of Dayton. 

Installed as Officers for the 2016 year of the Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio at the Annual Conference in Dayton Feb. 12 were Robert Akins, NSPS Director; Robert Patridge, Treasurer; Don Pickenpaugh, Secretary; Ken Taylor, President; Charles Harkness, President-Elect; and Steve McCall, Immediate Past President.

January 2016

Bellaire parcel cards are scanned and online.  This makes ALL parcel cards now available online!

Scans of a photo reproduction of an 1868 countywide parcel map have been added to the Tax Maps page.

Historic USGS Topo Maps are available on the USGS site at and go back to about 1903-1905 for the southwest, northwest and northeast portions of Belmont County, and 1949 for the southeast portion of the county.


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